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Innaxon Therapeutics is an early stage development company based at in Tewkesbury, United Kingdom. Innaxon's in-house biopharmaceuticals Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4) agonists (Dendrophilin® Novo-Pyrexal®) and in-licensed small molecule inhibitors (IAXOTM compounds) have been shown in proof-of-concept pre-clinical studies to treat cancer and prevent serious inflammatory diseases, respectively.

Innaxon continously seeks further partnerships with academic, pharmaceutical and clinical research centres to harness innate immunity for therapeutic benefit in the field of

- vaccine adjuvants

- immuno(chemo)therapy

- anti-inflammatory agents

Selected research reagents (such as TLR4 exclusive agonists) are commercially available worldwide for pre-clinical applications from

Innaxon Biosciences.

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